Safety is important to everyone at Lehigh Hanson and they partnered with us to develop an interesting and engaging series of online safety courses for ready-mix and aggregate employees.

Safety Training Example - Lehigh Hanson | Trajectory IQ


The team at Trajectory IQ worked closely with the Learning and Development experts at Lehigh Hanson to outline all of the priorities for a successful project.


We incorporated Lehigh Hanson’s brand guidelines while creating a brand new digital presence for SHIELD, one that uses a dark mode design and clear interaction colors to mark each interaction.

Safety Training Example - Lehigh Hanson | Trajectory IQ


We built SHIELD as a series of safety courses that integrate job site checklists and existing Lehigh Hanson video content including walkthroughs and tutorials.

SHIELD features custom branding and design elements that define the Lehigh Hanson learning experience making their Zero Harm Target our highest priority.

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