Game changing software

TIQ helps companies onboard employees, deliver timely training and gain key insights that boost workplace performance.

Gamification at work

TIQ Software offers a complete learning solution that helps you educate your employees at any time on any device. 

What can you do with TIQ?


Use our portal to deliver all of your most important information including courses, documents, videos, and more


The features that make video games engaging, entertaining and addictive are built into every TIQ course


Our software works anywhere, on any device, and provides insights on individual and organizational performance

You're in Good Company

We’ve created interactive learning experiences for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Top Shelf Tech

TIQ Software is powered by the most advanced hosting, database and user management technologies on the planet.

Amazon Web Services logo

Trajectory IQ runs on Amazon Web Services, the largest, most reliable on-demand computing platform

Mongo logo

We rely on MongoDB Atlas, the most popular enterprise database for modern cloud-based applications

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Every Trajectory IQ user is securely logged in and managed using OKTA identity management