A recent study from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans found that 96% of employers indicated that their employees personal financial issues had an impact on their overall job performance. A lack of financial education leads to poor planning and spending habits that result in a lack of savings.

As one Trajectory IQ partner described: “We were surprised to see that 70% of RRSP contributions are withdrawn every year, with a majority of these funds transferred out in cash.”

TEIBAS - Financial Literacy Case Study | Trajectory IQ

“With younger members in mind, we’ve made use of gamification technology to make learning about personal finances fun and memorable. Members learn about spending habits, how to save money for a home and making wise financial decisions over their whole career.”

Steve Martin, Business Manager and Financial Secretary


The first in a series of licensable learning courses from Trajectory IQ, The Road to Financial Literacy helps your employees on the road to financial success.

TEIBAS - Financial Literacy Case Study | Trajectory IQ


In 2014, Boilermakers of Canada partnered with Trajectory IQ to create the first of its kind game-powered financial literacy course to educate players on spending items like trips and trucks, to overall financial management (RRSPs, TFSA’s, etc.)

Fast forward to 2017 and TEIBAS, Toronto Electrical Industry Benefit Administrative Services became the first group to license a new web and mobile friendly Financial Literacy game for their members that expands on the initial principles established in the original course.

Product features

✓ Always on, direct access to training
✓ Quizzes, puzzles, points, and badges
✓ Supplemental worksheets and planning links
✓ Can connect to your member portal

Course Length: Approx. 45 minutes
Language: English
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Print Certificate: Yes

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