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Effective corporate learning starts the minute you send your offer letter. With our always-on software platform, your employees get just-in-time learning on any device – saving you time and money.
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For non-techie types…

“Trajectory IQ as a whole was very easy to work with! The entire team was exceptionally helpful and clear about expectations and deliverables, not to mention patient with us non-techie types. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again!”
Pamela Sewers – University of Alberta

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Increase your employee IQ

It’s easy to see what’s working (and what’s not) so that you can review and refine your course. The more your employees use Trajectory IQ, the more data you can see and the more effective your courses become.
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Incredibly fun…

“Trajectory IQ allowed us to take complex learning material and turn it into an incredibly fun and unique experience for team members. They were supportive throughout the whole experience and were always mindful to ensure our brand vision was never compromised.”
Laureen Beaton – ATB Financial

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I don’t get it. Why do I need this?

Great question. There’s a great article here and another one here that shows how an engaged workforce, using tools like Trajectory IQ, can increase employee productivity by over 200%!

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