Our mission

We created Trajectory IQ with the sole purpose to make employee engagement cool and exciting while delivering results that matter.

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About Trajectory IQ


In 2006, Rocketfuel Productions, an award winning educational technology company was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We created hundreds of custom e-Learning websites, mobile apps and games for a wide-range of local, national and international partners. 


In 2010 we raised a seed round investment from Foundation Equity, in addition to several innovation grants and awards, to create own game-powered software platform which was used to produce Seek Your Own Proof in partnership with U.S. media giant Discovery Communications.

Shifting gears

In 2013 we noticed a problem. Our customers were looking for a better way to tell their corporate story to employees and their customers without using their typical e-Learning software. We transformed our internal game-powered production software into Trajectory IQ.

Ramping up

In 2018 we celebrated 5 years as Trajectory IQ. Our customers have grown to include companies such as ATB Financial, BC Pension, CARNA, CWB, Lehigh Hanson, Paris Jewellers, Radient Technologies and the University of Alberta.

A new road

Trajectory IQ is now the software platform that powers a series of off-the-shelf courses called The Road. This online course marketplace specifically targets industry employees and promotes accredited content from partners such as Social Awareness and Alberta Workplace Essential skills. 

Here to help

If you’d like to get in touch, drop us an email at hello@trajectoryiq.com and we’ll get back to you within a day. You can also follow along on Twitter @trajectoryiq and you can reach out directly to our Founder and CEO Jason Suriano @jasonsuriano

Jason Suriano

Jason Suriano

Founder & CEO

vince fournier

Vince Fournier

Project Manager

james petryk

James Petryk

Technical Projects Manager

eric paquette

Eric Paquette

Senior Software Engineer

lydia lees

Lydia Lees

Content Director

Alex descotes

Alex DesCôtes

Product Designer